Sunday, November 25, 2007

A visit to see Santa

C's been asking lots of questions about Santa Claus. Out of the blue she'll ask...Is Santa really real? We been able to avoid giving her a definite answer. I'm not into lying to my child, so I usually say...You'll have to ask daddy. She's very perceptive, so I don't think it'll be that much longer before she figures out he's not real.

Today daddy took her to see Santa at the mall. She's been begging to go see him ever since she saw the display set up there. When she came home form the visit, she burst through the door all excited to tell me that there wasn't a lineup to see Santa, and that he gave her a candy cane and daddy let her eat it. She then said..."Guess What!!!" I was prepared to hear her tell me that she knew that the man in red at the mall wasn't really Santa when she blurted out..."I'm getting an iPod for Christmas!"

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Birthday and a Farewell

Yesterday we said goodbye to our Irish home stay. Her eight week work placement had ended and she was flying home to Ireland. C was quite sad when we dropped her off, and as we drove away C kept telling me that we had to get her back...she had become attached to her big "sister" that filled her purse with pennies.

During her stay, our Irish guest turned last Monday we had a little birthday party for her. C and I spent the day decorating the house with balloons, streamers and a sign as well as decorating a cake. Hubby lent us a basket full of a different sprinkle containers from his class room and C had to sprinkle the cake with each of them. Most of the sprinkles landed in the centre of the cake so I wasn't too surprised when C requested a piece from the centre of the cake.

C wanted to give a special birthday gift to our Irish guest, so we decided to pick out a couple of Christmas tree ornaments. It was a tough decision for that required us to put all the ornament options on a display tree. I had to steer her away from the fragile glass ornaments that may not have survived the suitecase trip to Ireland, as well as the overly large ones meant for a over sized, extra tall tree. She really liked a white bird ornament with feathers that fanned in a half circle. The ornament was larger than a dinner plate and would have been hard to pack in a suitcase where I knew space was limited. After much deliberation, she finally chose a sparkly snowflake and purple stars.

We enjoyed this hosting experience and could not have asked for a better house guest. She was considerate, kind and gentle and did not mind the antics of an excitable talkative five year old that wanted to be with her all the time. We'll miss you L. God bless you on your future endeavours.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Face Painting

Today we went to a parade and C was quite excited that part of the event included face painting. She asked to have her face painted as a lion. The guy did an amazing job and when he was finished, she looked liked she was ready to try out for a part in The Lion King. She loved it and said she never wanted to wash her face again and ran through the house roaring like a lion. I was prepared to let her wear it for the rest of the weekend, but by bedtime it was smeared and wearing off on anything she touched. By this time, she looked more like a character from Star Trek than she did a lion.