Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing Daddy

Hubby went away to a conference a couple of weeks ago and was gone for five days. C was quite upset the first night that he left, even hovering over the answering machine to hear his voice on the message he left to tell us he had safely arrived at his destination. When it came time for bed C had a tearful request that melted my heart.

"Can I sleep in one of daddy's shirts?"

"Sure. Go pick out one of his T-shirts from the closet."

"Which shirt does he wear the most?"

"I'm not sure C. Why don't you look and see which one you remember him wearing the most."

"I think it's the sail boat one."

"Alright, wear that one. Why do you want to wear the one that he wears the most?"

"Because then it feels like his arms are around me giving me a hug."