Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soccer Season I

Back in March hubby said..."I think we should sign C up for soccer. She needs an outlet for all her energy". At first I wasn't keen on the idea as there were practices or games twice a week. But after some thought I realized that it was only for 2 months and it didn't hurt to try it. It would be good to expose her to sports so that she wasn't sports challenged like her mother. I was always picked last for school gym teams and avoided most sport activities like the plague as I have no confidence or skill. The last time I was coaxed to play a sport (family friendly church baseball game), I ended up in emergency getting 3 stitches. I tried to catch hubby's pop fly, but missed and caught it with the side of my head.

It was a good soccer season and I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed watching the games. We were also really impressed with how well C was doing by the end of the season. Every once in a while she would get a burst of energy and on a breakaway would take the ball up the field and try to score a goal. Pretty proud parents we were. We would love for her to play again next year, but we doubt that that will happen as we realize that soccer is not something that overly interests her...we'll see what she says next year. But at least with one season under her belt, she has more sports ability than her mother.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Proverbs 3

"C, God tells us in the Bible that if we follow his commands it will go well with us...and we'll live a long life. Do you want it to go well with you?"


"Do you want to live a long life?"

"Well....I do want to see Grandma..."