Friday, September 7, 2007

Shoelaces and Facebook

These two things really have nothing to do with each other…unless you are a 5 year old.

Today is C's first day of senior kindergarten and in preparation for back to school, I retrieved a new pair of running shoes from my "grow into" bin that were her size. These running shoes had real tie-up laces instead of velcro and I had purchased them a couple of years ago in hopes that when it came time for her to wear them, she would be old enough to learn how to tie her own laces. I have a friend with a daughter who learned how to tie shoelaces at age 5, so I knew that it was feasible.

C was excited about the new shoes and that they had real laces, so after supper last night we sat together and I showed her how to tie shoe laces. After about 10 failed attempts, she flopped the shoe down and said "I can't do it! I'll never be able to do it! Maybe you should just get me velcro shoes…". I told her that it takes practice to learn how to tie your own shoes and that I knew she would be able to do it. That even mommy had to practice too when she was a little girl. C asked me how many times I had to practice before I was able to tie my own shoes. Two? Three? Ten? I told her probably around 100. I really don't remember learning to tie my own shoes, but I knew I had to say a large, yet reasonable number to keep her motivated.

I told her that she should practice for 5 more minutes and then we would continue practicing another day. She seemed satisfied with this response and sat back down to try again. A minute later I heard her exclaim "I DID IT! I DID IT!" I looked and sure enough... the shoe laces were tied into a bow on one of the shoes. I was quite surprised and amazed since moments before she had been ready to quit. I told her that she did a GREAT job and that she would have to show daddy when he came home. She immediately jumped up, eyes wide with excitement and said...

"I know! You can put it on Facebook! You can tell everyone that I can tie my own shoelaces! Tell Ruth and Aunt Becky! Please!!! Please put it on Facebook!"

I sat there staring at her. I could not believe what I had just heard. How could my 5 year old have any comprehension about what Facebook was? It's not like I'm on Facebook as much as other people I know. She must be listening and understanding when I am talking to hubby about what I read or saw on Facebook.


Nadine said...

That great! Congratulations. It's wonderful she did it and didn't quit. What a little cutie.

Shash said...

I resemble that remark!! ;-P

Good for you C - a job well done!!

Ruth said...

Yay!! It is so exciting to learn something new...yeah, she sees me on facebook when she visits...I am guilty!!

BehavenPaPa said...

way to go GIRL!
No doubt you have the Best!!! Mommy and Daddy in the whole wide world.
In fact I think this blog is more about you than anyone else. So I consider it your Blog and you let your parents use it - right????

Ask your parents when they are going to come out west and pick up their prize????

redheads said...

WAy to go C.... We're so proud of you!

Jeremy said...

Well congratulations on another milestone, but don't under estimate our younger generation. They are much more computer savvy than we will probably ever be. The very concept of having to do things with pen and pencil is going to be beyond them in a few years. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad but it certainly makes for an interesting future. You have a very cute daughter. Even though this is not your WW post happy WW