Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fashion Fun

C loves to do crafts and one of my desires for the school year was to spend some quality craft time with her. About a year ago, my brother gave C a little book that contained about 20 different craft ideas. She loved going through the book and ogling the different ideas. There were sock puppets, miniature gardens, decorated boxes, fabric painting and lots more. C has asked us to take painting lessons, so it was no surprise to me that one of the top "I must do this" crafts was the fabric painting.

This past week, C and I put paint to fabric and created her new favourite T-shirt and pants. She loves rainbows, so that was the first item she wanted to paint on her shirt. Then she suggested items that were either too complicated for me to stencil, or for her to grasshoppers, peacocks and hot air balloons. We settled on a sun and some flowers.


Nadine said...

That came out very well. She looks adorable in it and so very proud.

Ruth said...

That is a great outfit!!