Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Grade One Photo

I thought it would be fun to post my grade one photo since C is in grade one this year. I don't think she looks like me at all and I have to admit, sometimes I wonder if C was switched at birth (she was a preemie and rushed away to be monitored). When I mentioned this to hubby he said..."She has your big toes."

I wore my hair in two pigtail ringlets until about grade 4. There's enough curl in my hair that my mom would brush it around her arm to form the ringlet and it would stay like that all day.


Shash said...

I can see her in you. I should drag out my old photo album, prove to people my kids aren't all my hubby although his genes are very present!

Nadine said...

You have a sweet smile. I think that was a sweet idea to post this picture.

Amanda said...

That is hilarious! I should post mine... but it is too much work since I don't have a scanner. Your hair was adorable :-)