Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Name that Plant

We have been in our current home for almost five years, and this is the first year I've noticed this plant growing in our garden. You might wonder how I could possibly miss it. Well...our garden/yard normally turns into a jungle of weeds and plants that reproduce like rabbits each year. This year I'm determined to get our gardens under control and these pictures were taken after I had dug up a ton of plants that would eventually hide it from view. The leaves that grow out of each bulb/root are in a straight line (giving it a flat look), so each plant looks like a sailboat with green sails. Does anyone know what this plant is called?


Anonymous said...

Don't know what the plant is but it's probably going to look really pretty. I highly recommend buying mulch and lots of it. You will not battle weeds near as much are had you have been. Makes a big difference.

CynthiaK said...

Um...right. I have those too and I don't know what they are. Some help I am, aren't I?

Hope some green thumb shares their expertise with you soon!