Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Goodbye

Today our international student moved out.

C has been dreading this day for the last week and has begged him many times to not leave. She becomes so attached to the students we host, that I often wonder if we should be putting her through the painful goodbyes.

This last student has been amazing, and the brother-sister bond that he and C developed was deeper than the other students we have hosted. He wanted to do things with her and never seemed bothered by her crazy overwhelming energy that tires me out.

Yesterday morning C was eating breakfast when he left for school As he shut the door on his way out of the house, C yelled with a mouthful of food...

"Love you!"

I was shocked. I wondered if he heard, let alone if he would respond. There was an uncomfortable pause and then the door opened back up and he yelled back.

"Love you!"

As the door shut again, she hollered.

"I said I LIKE you."


J.O.A.T. said...

Your C is hilarious. She is such a lovely girl - a testimony of how you guys are such great parents. I think she needs to know that it is ok to have different types of love? - brotherly love is a good thing :-). We are often making our C tell her brother that she loves him. She does not resist it as much anymore. Hopefully one day, she'll be able to say it spontaneously to her brother instead of being forced by her mom, just like your C did :-).