Friday, December 16, 2011

Favourite Christmas Present

The Christmas after my mom passed away was a little sobering for the family. We all missed her terribly. My mom loved this time of year, especially now that she had 10 excited grandchildren to share it with.

That year after all the gifts were opened, my dad produced one last present : a small box that was addressed to me from him. You could tell from the size that it was a jewellery box and I have to admit...I was a little nervous to open it. My dad loved to buy jewellery for my mom...which she loved but wasn't always my taste.

I said..."Oh, you've been out shopping have you?" as I unwrapped the present with a nervous grin. But that grin was quickly replaced by a look of shock and then tears as I recognized the tiny box under the wrapping. For in the box was my mom's family ring. The ring I had picked out, and my siblings and I gave to her for her 50th birthday.

I wear the ring all the time. It's a piece of my mom I carry with me and love to look at and remember her.

What is your favourite Christmas present?