Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday C!

Five years ago today, C made her entrance into this world...almost 6 weeks early. My due date was August 14th, but on June 30, at 33 1/2 weeks, I started to go into labour...I lost my plug and started leaking. I was suspicious that something was up, but when I looked these changes up in the pregnancy books, I found numerous suggestions that were normal pregnancy side effects (like bladder control). It wasn't until 4 days later at my midwife appointment that I found out I was 3-4cm dilated and leaking amniotic fluid. What I had thought were Braxton Hicks were real contractions. My midwife said..."We have to go to the hospital NOW".

I was put on bed rest in the maternity ward and given an IV to fight any infections that could be passed to the baby through the sac tear. The doctors said they would keep me here for up to 2 weeks (to reach 36 weeks). But C was not going to wait that long. Two and a half days later, at 2:20am, C made her entrance into this world. Weighing in at 6 pounds 10 1/2 ounces. No...that is not a typo and dates were not wrong. She probably would have topped 10 pounds if I had gone full term. She was whisked away to the Special Care Nursery where they monitored her breathing (the pediatrician thought it was raspy) and other vitals. Here she spent 4 days sun tanning in an incubator (jaundice) and after 8 days we were allowed to bring our healthy baby home.

If I had to describe C in one word, it would be Precious. She can be feisty and strong willed (knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you)...but she loves to hug and cuddle and will often tell people she thinks are special that she loves them. She has a smile and laughter that lights up a room and her questions and the way she views this world never ceases to amaze me. I love hearing her talk about Jesus and listening to her prayers as it shows me that children can be soul winners and prayer warriors too.

When C was a baby, I would often sing Jesus Loves the Little Children to her as I loved the line "they are precious in His sight". It made me realize that just as C was precious in my sight, we are precious in God's sight.

Happy Birthday C! I love you and I am so glad that God gave you to us. You are Precious.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!

redheads said...

Happy Birthday C! You are one of a kind and are very fortunate to have such great parents that love you so much. We love you to!

BehavenPaPa said...

Hey "C" sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. When U having the party??? I guess guys my age aren't invited.
Have a great time with your friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday C!
(I'm choking back tears as I read this.)

Shash said...

I remember telling you that you should leave work and go 'cause you were in labour!! :)

I know I'm late in the birthday wishes... Happy Birthday C!!!

You are a fiesty one and that tanacious spirit is a gift from God. :)

I love you deeply!!