Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Newest Member of the Family

We caved and got a pet...a guinea pig named Georgina.

C loves animals and has been pleading with us for a few years now to get a pet. I know her first choice would probably have been either a cat, dog or horse, but hubby and I felt we would start small and let her have a guinea pig. Neither of us are pet people and would be quite happy to never have one, but we see the deep desire and love our daughter has for animals and felt we needed to fill it.

One of the first things that C wanted to purchase for Georgina was a leash. Her cousin has a leash for her rabbits, and C wanted one too. We went to 3 stores to find the identical leash, and spent about 20 minutes getting the harness on Georgina only to discover that guinea pigs are not really walkable.

C tried to coax her with food...or tug on the leash, but Georgina was not going to move. People would walk by and say..."Such a small dog"..."or I didn't know you could walk guinea pigs". Eventually C accepted that the only way Georgina was going to make it around the block was if she was carried.

C loves to wrap her up and carry her around the house or let her sit in her lap while watching TV. We really hoped that the guinea pig would fill her desire for a pet, but she is already asking for a dog. If only the guinea pig would walk around the block on a leash.


Shash said...

you got a "Lease".... does that mean you get to give it back when you're done with it?! :)

I think it's a very cute first pet. good choice C

Cheri said...

Grrr...can't believe I made that spelling mistake at least 5 times.
I corrected it. :-)

Lala's world said...

very cute!! I used to want one till a friends bit me and that was it for me! looks like that little critter is going to get a LOT of cuddles :)

Alicia said...

so adorable! he almost looks like a little puppy-a very very tiny puppy when you have a leash on him.