Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Won Coffee

Back in June I won a cool Gevalia coffee lovin' gift pack over at Crumbs in the Minivan. The gift pack included two boxes of Gevalia coffee (one was decafe), 2 coffee mugs, a travel mug, a stainless steel scoop, filters and cleaner. Yeah! I love coffee and could not wait for it to arrive in the mail. Unfortunately I had to wait a little longer because the first package never arrived (I wonder if the postal workers enjoyed it). Gevalia mailed another package which arrived mid September and I have to say the wait was worth it. The coffee was amazing...very smooth...probably the best coffee I have tasted. It was so good that Hubby looked at the grinds in the coffee maker and said..."I wonder what the coffee would taste like if I ran water through the coffee maker again." He wanted to make the grinds last as long as possible.


B said...

Ahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh :)

Shash said...

it sounds like it'll end up on your Christmas wish list!

NRIGirl said...

Hi! Glad to visit your blog. I have had those coffee mugs for a couple of years now and love it!

When you have a moment please stop by for some Coffee with Jesus.


Zachary said...

I love coffee! I've just made a short video showing why I need coffee:

I thought you might think it was funny and like to share it on your site! :)