Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race All-Star finished tonight and my daughter was devastated. She wanted the all-girl team, Dustin and Kandice, to win. Calling them "the Barbies", she cheered for them every week and got excited when they were the first team at the pit stop. Tonight she cried. Cried because they didn't win, and cried because the show was over, and they wouldn't be back next week. My hubby and I were baffled. Was all this crying real? Was she really this upset? I told her there would be other races and other girl teams she could root for, but that was no consolation, because Dustin and Kandice would not be there.

At bedtime, when I asked her to pray, between tears she said.
"Dear Lord, please let Dustin and Kandice come back to the race. Amen."


Ruth said...

What devastation! Who knows, maybe they will come back someday...

Shash said...

I'm sure the network would love to hear how dedicated she is!!!

BehavenPaPa said...

Well "C" that was very touching to see how much you thought of these two young ladies. This is a contest that you and your parents have no control over. You can pray for them that they would know Jesus as well as you and find their prize in more than winning a game.
Hey your mom won a prize and they could share it with you.
IF they don't take "The Prize" I will bring a consulation prize next time I visit. OK??