Friday, May 25, 2007

C's new bike

Tonight after supper we told C we had a surprise for her. After asking "What is it?" a number of times and not getting the answer, she started to guess.

"Is it a camera?"
"Is it a new pair of flip flops?"
"Is it a Webkinz? I hope it's a Webkinz. I want to play in Webkinz World on the computer."

Webkinz? I didn't even know what a Webkinz was until a couple of days ago when my hubby mentioned that C was asking for one. And even though I told her that no, it was not a Webkinz, she still kept talking about how she hoped it was one. I was starting to get nervous that she would be disappointed that the surprise was a bike. But I soon realized that I had no need to worry...she was excited when she saw the bike. It was was had streamers, a hand brake and a bell. She rode the bicycle up and down the sidewalk, around the school and to the park with the biggest grin on her face...dinging the bell the entire time.


Lala's world said...

so cool! I remember all the bikes I ever had, nothing like a new bike with streamers!! course mine had a banana seat too and was gold sparkles!!

Nadine said...

What a neat looking bike. It's a very nice surprise and by the picture she doesn't look disappointed.

Mimi Lenox said...

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