Saturday, May 19, 2007

Teenagers 101

Is there such a course? I think my hubby and I might need to take it instead of the crash course.

Last night my hubby and I attended an out of town wedding and did not get home until close to 1am. When we opened the garage door, we could not believe our eyes. There sitting on the steps was our student...locked out of the house because she had forgotten her key. I felt SOOO bad as I could not imagine how awful it must have been to sit there and wait. She had spent a number of hours with a friend, but had returned home once it got dark to wait for us.

Lessons learned in the crash course...
1. Teenagers can be forgetful and often require reminders.
2. Host family should compile a list of emergency contact numbers.


Wave's Word said...

Yes oh yes! compile that list and check in regularly with them to be sure they are okay.

Wave's Word said...

If you need any tips -call

Amanda said...

I was incredibly forgetful as a teen, wait a minute........ I still am! Just not nearly so often LOL