Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bitten by the Blogger Bug

After more than a year of peeking into other people's lives via their blogs, I've decided to start a blog too...and what better day to start, then on my birthday. Happy Birthday to Me.


Ruth said...

Yay, Sharon has a blog! I can't wait to read your fun stories! Iknew eventually you would come over to this side;-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Shash said...

Hahaha, you've fallen into our web... sort of speak.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - you can hear me signing can't you... ;-)

Keep up the writing!!

Clan Schmitt said...

I still am peaking into other peoples lives via their blogs. I look forward to hearing your stories of life .
Who knows just maybe one day I will have a blog too