Friday, March 30, 2007

Made in Heaven?

Not too long ago, our student asked us for some suggestions on a gift she could give her parents...something Canadian. At first I thought this would be tough, and I showed her the Made in China stamp on a number of items around the house. We did come up with an idea but since then, every once in a while I'll turn something over and read aloud where it was made. My daughter has caught on to this "game" and will often ask me "who made it" questions about different items.

The other morning I was enjoying my coffee when my daughter starting asking me the "who made it" questions. When she asked about my coffee mug, I looked for the Made In stamp but could not find one. Puzzled, I said..."I don't know who made the mug. There isn't a stamp." She looked at me and suggested quite sincerely...

"Maybe God made it?"


Shash said...

Yup C has a gift!!!