Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk

Last night after supper I tackled a long overdue the car. While I was busy vacuuming, my daughter got her sidewalk chalk out and proceeded to draw a big colourful house on the driveway. Our student had been inside the house talking on the phone, but when she saw the artwork she squealed with delight and came running outside to see.

What was it? How would it come off? Can I draw too?

Coming from a city where most people live in apartments, this was the first time she had heard of sidewalk chalk. For the next 45 minutes she and my daughter covered our driveway with pictures, names and messages. There was so much chalk on our driveway that people would stop to read and admire it. Being a host family is still pretty new to us and at times I wonder how we are doing...but now I know...the answer written in sidewalk chalk for our whole neighbourhood to see.


Clan Schmitt said...

Happy to hear you are doing well with hosting. How could someone not love your family

Shash said...

That is sooooo cool!! It must have been a very proud moment for you guys! It sounds like she is a perfect fit for your family!! I wonder if we'd receive such a wonderful message.... ;-)

Ruth said...

That is so awesome!! It is great that you guys fit so well, and I agree with clan could anyone NOT love your family!