Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just riding my two-wheeler

Saturday was an exciting day for my daughter...we took the training wheels off her bicycle. She had the biggest grin on her face as she rode around the school parking lot, and as she rode she kept saying..."I'm just riding my two-wheeler". She did awesome! It didn't take her long to learn how to start off. ..and it didn't take me long to realize that I didn't need to run after her...she was doing just fine. I didn't know how I was going to convince her to come inside...but her bike helped me out there...the chain fell off.


Shash said...

Li Li suffers from 3rd child syndrome - he just got a bike... when he fell and cracked his head open... and he's just starting to ride it - I can't imagine him riding with just two wheels!!! Wow, she's ahead of the game!!

Lala's world said...

that is so cool! my 6 year old learned to ride a bike this summer....a little late but I have to say that I am glad cuz she is a bit of an evil coneval (ok I have NO idea how to spell that word!!)

Ruth said...

Wow, that is so exciting! She is just growing up so fast!