Monday, June 25, 2007

Project Birdhouse

Mondays are mommy and C days. I work during the morning while C is at JK and then I take the afternoon off to spend time with her. Sometimes we go visit friends or family, sometimes we do errands or tasks around the house (like gardening or cooking) and sometimes we do crafts. The past two Mondays we have worked on a build-your-own birdhouse kit. Last Monday, C painted the birdhouse and today we glued it all together. It just needs some varnish before it's ready for it's first tenants. C kept the wood circle that popped out of the entrance. She is convinced she's going to use it to trap a bird in the birdhouse that she will keep as a pet.


Nadine said...

She did a great job with her painting. That's cute to keep the cut out to "trap" the bird as a pet. I love how kids minds work.

Ruth said...

I love the birdhouse. It is cute...I hope she catches one!!