Friday, June 15, 2007

Where O Where is my Camera?

In February I misplaced my digital camera. I hunted everywhere for it...under beds, in drawers, behind dressers, in closets, on shelves, in the car...but I could not find it anywhere. When my initial search was unsuccessful, I started to pray.

"God, please remind me where the camera is."

A thought popped into my head..."garage sale boxes". Huh? Why would my camera be in the garage sale boxes? The boxes were packed in the basement and I had not had my camera down there recently. I quickly dismissed the thought and continued to re-search all the different places that made sense to me. After 3 months of searching, I was starting to wonder if my camera was lost...gone...never to be seen again.

Two weeks ago, on the night before our garage sale, I passed by my battery charger when a thought popped into my head..."Charge the batteries. You're going to need them for your camera when you find it in the garage sale boxes". Yeah....right. Again I dismissed the suggestion thinking if it's true, I'll charge the batteries when I find the camera.

Later that evening, we opened the garage sale boxes and to my amazement, I found my camera in a bag of sweaters. Then it all came back to me...I had taken my camera to my mom's house to show her some pictures. Before I left, she gave me a bag of sweaters to sell in our garage sale and I put my camera in the bag to carry to the car. When I got home I put the bag in the boxes downstairs...forgetting about my camera.

A few days before I found my camera my daughter had asked me..."Why can't I hear God's voice?". I explained to her that God speaks to us in many different ways...through his Word, through people, through dreams and visions, and sometimes through a little thought or idea that pops into your head when you are trying to figure something out.

If only I had listened to that little voice, I would have saved myself a lot of time and stress. did give me a good "hearing God's voice" example to share with C.


Wave's Word said...

God is talking all the time. We just need to tune in better. If God tries that hard to communicate about a camera, imagine what could happen if we are even more tuned in.

Lala's world said...

it is so easy and yet we make it so complicated...this is a good reminder!

Shash said...

Good lesson - I've experienced the small still voice that usually leaves me asking the question, why didn't I listen to it earlier!!!

Nadine said...

Great story on how to listen to the voice of God. Thank you.

Ruth said...

It pays to listen...something I am learning too!!