Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sharing Jesus...Child-Style

Last night I overheard a conversation between my daughter C and our student.

C:  God made you.
S:  No he didn't.
C:  Yes he did.
S:  No he didn't.
C:  God made everyone.
S:  No
C:  Yes
S:  No
C:  God lives right here (I'm assuming she pointed to her heart).
S:  Why does he live there?
C:  He lives in everyone's heart.
S:  Ahhh (just humouring her now)
C:  God is everywhere.
S:  Is he in Korea?
C:  Yup
S:  So...if I go to Korea I can meet him?

I didn't hear C's response...but it continued...

C:  S....I want you to know God.
S:  Do you like your God? Is he nice?
C:  Yup..and if you are quiet and listen can hear his voice.

Then the conversation changed to I Spy.

I was so amazed at what I hear her confidently sharing what she hear that she understands what she is being taught...and to hear her desire for others to "know God" too. It was very precious.


Amanda said...

That is aewsome. I wish I had confidence like that now as an adult to share my faith so boldly. There are times when our children can teach us.

Shash said...

and the children will lead...

Ruth said...

What an amazing thing to hear!! She is definitely a leader!

Lala's world said...

ahhhh that is so amazing! how wonderful! I am glad they are getting along so well and becoming "sisters"! too great!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats neat Love you. Grampa with the train.