Monday, April 23, 2007

For This Sister I Prayed

Around the age of 3 1/2 years old, I desired a baby sister. I thought it was very unfair that the number of boys in our house out numbered the girls (I had 2 brothers) I started asking my parents for a baby sister.

"Mommy...daddy...can I have a baby sister?"

I must have asked them a lot because they turned it into a game...whenever I asked my mom, she'd tell me to go ask my dad...whenever I asked my dad, he'd tell me to go ask my mom. Eventually I grew tired of this game and one day, I came out of the living room and said to my mom..."I'm not asking you or daddy anymore for a baby sister. I've asked Jesus and he's sending me one." I was so confident that my prayer would be answered that I told everyone I was getting a baby sister. People at church would come up to my parents and congratulate them and my mom would have to explain wasn't pregnant.

But, sure enough, my parents decided to add another child to our family. My mom said there was a loud cheer in the delivery room when my sister Bec was born as all the nurses and doctors knew the story of how I had prayed for a baby sister.


Ruth said...

I love that story!! Prayer sure is powerful!!

Shash said...

I smile every time I hear that story - faith of a child!!