Monday, April 30, 2007

Labour Day Soap Box Derby

Each year, as summer drew to a close, my siblings and I would get excited about the Labour Day Soap Box Derby. This was a yearly event where kids would build and race their own go-carts down a hill (on a winding road). My brothers had built their own go-carts (with the help of my uncle) and each year they would participate too. The go-carts were made with spare parts...the seat of an old chair, green-machine wheels, a rope to turn the a belt to tie the racer to the chair. The Sunday before the races, my dad would drive his car down the coarse to show us the quickest route we should follow...a straight line. Around the age of nine or ten I participated too and won second place using my younger brother's go-cart.


Lala's world said...

ok that is soooo cool! what a memory to have! I loved go-carts and if there was something like this where I lived as a kid I would have been SO into that!