Monday, April 16, 2007

Perhaps because Daddy does most of the cooking

"I don't like this meat because it cooks too slow."

"When you are old enough to cook, you can cook it the way you like it."

"I'm not going to do the cooking. Cam is."

Cam is a boy in her JK class that she tells us she's going to marry.


redheads said...

That is too funny...
I think I am going down memory lane. I was going to marry a buy when I was 5. He still lives close by, but I am not sure he remembers that. I love my hubby so I think I made the right choice in waiting a little longer. Thanks mom and dad for that advice. Hehe

Shash said...

My kids have never talked about who they'll marry, she is very advanced for her age!!

Anonymous said...

Well, atleast she has enough sense to marry outside the family. K says that she is going to marry her brothers... yup, both of them.