Friday, April 13, 2007

Four plus one more... five. The number of people currently living in our house. Last night, our newest house guest moved in...a 19 year old girl from Ireland. She will be living with us for the next 5 weeks while on a work placement. I know some people think we are one international young person, let alone two at the same time...but we're not. We enjoy doing this and it's been a great experience for us. We enjoy meeting new people and learning about other cultures. Hubby especially enjoys learning about the cuisine...both eating and cooking. Right after our Korean student arrived, he bought a huge jar of Kimchi cabbage, a jar that was supposed to last 4 or 5 months but has only lasted 2 months. How does he go through it so fast? He's learned how to make Buchimgae (fermented kimchi mixed into a flour-based batter, and then fried in an oiled pan). Not something I'm partial to, I found it too spicy. Recently he made Bulgogi but with his own touch...on the BBQ. Now that was delicious.

Now that we have someone from Ireland staying with us, I wonder what Irish culinary skills he will acquire over the next 5 weeks.


ang said...

hey C:
I love kimchi, and bulgogi, when I was in bible school i had several korean friends.

I use to go to there families house in vancouver and eat korean food. oh do i miss it so much.


redheads said...

The food sounds wonderful.

Its great that you are opening your home to so many young people. Being able to minister to them and be open to new cultures, food and relationships is just awesome.

Ruth said...

Mmm, sounds like you are enjoying the taste of these countries as well as the company and culture!!

Shash said...

I've enjoyed hosting as well, it gives the kids a different perspective on life and all who live in this big big world.

Amanda said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment in your home.